Since 1980, formerly known as Tien Phat Premises, specialize in manufacturing notebooks for office and exercise books for students in Vietnam market only with limited and mainly manual crafting products.

In 2000, Tien Phat Production Trading & Service Company Limited was established. With a wide range of product mix and a massive investment into a fully automatic production system, Tien Phat Company is well known as making high quality product with a competitive price. Product quality is always our sole and core business principle.

In 2019, Tien Phat had invested into more modern and automatic machines to optimize the production lines to increase our production capacity and meet customer affordable cost while maintaining a high customer demand on quality and services.

For Tien Phat Company, continuing upgrading and adapting changes bring us closer to a diversified international market.


Always develop products with the best quality to meet customer demand with the most affordable price


Modernization production lines.

Integrate, enhance, and develop products to cope with the domestic and export market demand.

Provide a friendly working environment, healthy competition, and a stable job for our employees.

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